Day 33 – seeking medical advice/reaasurance

The sun was a welcome sight on this fabulous milestone – after today’s effort I am one third of the way through the challenge to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days.

However, I was forced to consider exactly what impact it is having on my body. A GP friend and fellow member of a tennis club, having seen me dash freely about the court, had spotted me at the end of one of my recent triathlons. Concerned that I did not look like my usual athletic (her words) self, she urged me to reconsider what and how I am doing the challenge.

There is nothing like a personal appeal from a medical expert to make you think twice.

I told her that my slower (controlled) speed was deliberate, although difficult (as mentioned in the day 6 and 14 updates), and I think she is reassured, although a check with my own doctor would not go amiss.

On this day, control was everything. After a black-tie dinner the night before, and quite a bit of dancing, the legs were heavier than usual.

But another one has been completed and I am now just 67 away from the finish, as long as the doctor does not put me in a straitjacket when I see him. Seriously though, I have to have regard to medical advice, but it will be agonising and difficult to change the commitment made to complete a triathlon on consecutive days until February 7.

I am attempting this challenge to raise awareness of and money for the UK Police Memorial Trust, which is trying to build a fitting tribute to the ultimate sacrifices made by over 4,000 police officers and staff who have died protecting their communities.

On this day, December 2, they are:

1894 – Police Constable James McLean – Leith Burgh Police

1920 – Sergeant Thomas Keighary – Royal Irish Constabulary

1921 – Special Constable William Lyttle – Ulster Special Constabulary

1921 – Police Constable Michael Gorman – Royal Irish Constabulary

1940 – Special Constable Arthur Pennymore – Norwich City Police

1941 – Police Fireman Frederick Appleby – Bristol Police Fire Brigade

1941 – Police Constable John Cunning – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1949 – Police Constable Harry Harding – Metropolitan Police

1956 – Police Constable James Dolan – Hampshire & Isle of Wight Police

1965 – Sergeant Archibald Hollis – Oxfordshire County Constabulary

Please support me by donating here, and say a huge thank you to all police officers and staff who continue to put themselves in danger to keep us safe.

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