Day 34 – rolling away the pains

After yesterday’s concern expressed by a GP about possible damage being done, today’s was a more careful effort.

I had the pool lane to myself so was able to relax more easily. The bike ride was just 30 seconds slower and then I did the 10km on the treadmill for the first time. This was partly due to the weather and also due to wanting to have as much of a controlled run as possible. I am not sure it was the best move as I now understand there is more control on the road, where you can slow down and speed up more easily.

My left calf is particularly sore now, a worry as I suffered an achilles tendon injury in 2017 that kept me out until April this year.

After completing today’s effort, the foam roller has been used extensively to try and ease the tension. Another Olympic-distance triathlon done for the UK Police Memorial.

As I do every day, I paid tribute to all the police officers and staff who died on this date. On December 3, they are:

1823 – Sub-Constable John Young – Munster Constabulary

1854 – Police Constable William Henderson – Lancashire County Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable Maurice Prenderville – Royal Irish Constabulary

1963 – Sergeant Francis Prendergast – Oldham County Borough Police

1976 – Reserve Constable Joseph Scott – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1976 – Police Constable George Spencer – Lancashire Constabulary

2002 – Police Constable Darren Pike – City of London Police

2004 – Police Constable Kevin Biglin – Suffolk Constabulary

Pleas join me in saying ‘Thank you’ to them and to every police officer and member of staff who continues to regularly enter extremely dangerous situations to protect the rest of us by donating here.

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