Day 35 – a moving feast

Today, on my 35th triathlon in 35 days, it was such a relief that the niggle that developed yesterday, a sore left calf muscle, was much better.

However, no day is without a concern and today the problem had moved upwards to the stomach. And the stomach issue was a result of brain failure.

I have been keen to reassure people that I am not losing much weight during the challenge, I have been weighing myself regularly and have remained at around the 71kg mark for the last three weeks after a drop of two kilograms in the first two weeks. However, after a further 2kg drop over three days, I took the opportunity to over-indulge in sugary food.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I do not need an excuse to eat cake. But four pastries, a whole malt loaf and slice of lemon roullade was probably too much for anyone and I paid for it.

I still managed to complete the triathlon in my usual times but with slightly longer transitions to manage the tummy problem.

Once again I had some very welcome company on the bike, and the sun helped make the two degree temperature bearable on the run.

Today is press day so no time for my usual mini-celebration after every fifth one, that will be tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you have not yet donated to my cause, please can you do so now, the mental side of this effort, of every day getting up at 4am to complete another Olympic-distance triathlon, is made much easier when I see a donation arrive.

Together we will build a wonderful memorial to police officers and staff who die while protecting us – you can donate here.

Today I paid tribute to those who died on December 4, they are:

1857 – Detective Sergeant Charles Thain – City of London Police

1895 – Sergeant Joseph Winpenny – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

1906 – Police Constable Ernest Moore – Midland Railway Police

1940 – Special Constable John Greenslade – Metropolitan Police

1993 – Commander Hugh Moore QPM – City of London Police

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