Day 36 – still surviving

Today was the most tiring of any day so far. The cumulative effect of completing an Olympic-distance triathlon every day for 35 days while running a business made today one of survival.

Plus the stomach problems from yesterday are still with me and draining me of energy.

After the swim, the rain forced me to take to the Wattbike in the gym once more but even though I got extremely wet I could not face the treadmill for the run. And I was rewarded with the appearance of the sun half way through.

Here are the Garmin stats from each leg:

I am so glad to have completed another day and be able to pay tribute to every police officer and staff who died on December 5. They are:

1788 – Peace Officer John Parry – Chester, Cheshire

1859 – Sergeant Robert McClelland – Irish Constabulary

1896 – Detective Officer James Palmer – Dundee City Police

1897 – Police Constable Richard Penman – Lancashire County Constabulary

1920 – Temporary Cadet Hedley Balls – Royal Irish Constabulary

1940 – Police Constable Clifford Josty – Folkestone Borough Police

1944 – Special Constable John Cheeseman – Durham County Constabulary

1956 – Acting Sergeant Denis Cole – Buckinghamshire County Constabulary

1960 – Police Constable William MacCulloch – Greenock Burgh Police

1981 – Police Constable Jack Harvey – Lothian & Borders Police

I am undertaking this challenge to help raise money to build a fitting tribute to more than 4,000 police officers and members of staff who have given their lives while protecting the rest of us.

Please support me by donating here, thank you.

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