Day 14 – a perfect day?

Two weeks of constant triathlons are complete. Fourteen days have flown by although I refrain from thinking about what is left.

Today was further improvement and the run time was back to 50 minutes. It feels like the routine has returned but I am far from complacent. The past three days have taught me to be very wary, ease my way into each leg and keep focused on the end goal.

This is a challenge to manage my body through continuous days of exertion without a break to recover, so injury avoidance has to be the priority, despite the instinct to get the best time possible.

I hope today was a perfect example of how I can do that but keep the efforts as ‘honest’ as I possibly can.

Here are my times for each leg:

I am doing this challenge to pay tribute to fallen police officers and staff. On November 13 the following made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the rest of us:

1920 – Police Constable Charles Buntrock – Royal Irish Constabulary
1891 – Police Constable William Edwards – Glamorganshire County Constabulary
1893 – Police Constable James Gordon – St Helens County Borough Police
1920 – Police Constable Patrick Mackessy – Royal Irish Constabulary
1993 – Detective Constable Thomas Need – Metropolitan Police
1920 – Police Constable Jeremiah O’Leary – Royal Irish Constabulary
1943 – Police Constable James Phillips – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC
1904 – Police Constable Leonard Russell – Metropolitan Police
1870 – Police Constable William Swanson – Edinburgh City Police
1940 – Special Constable Clifford Tilberry – Metropolitan Police
1971 – Police Constable Barbara Wilkinson – Lancashire Constabulary

Please support my efforts to ensure there is a fitting tribute to them and the constant bravery of those who continue to keep us safe.


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