Day 15 – routinely tired

I hate to say the triathlons are becoming routine in case my sore knees become too painful but today (Wednesday November 14) was pretty straightforward and satisfying to be able to make a solid effort of it, with the run dipping under 50 minutes again.

However, the tiredness is very difficult. Early starts are OK if you can get the recovery but that was difficult after another press day. Never mind, another five down and my usual mini-celebration, this time a nice glass of wine to help sleep tonight.

As usual, I paid tribute to those police officers and staff who died on this day. They were:

1876 – Police Constable Charles Waters – Monmouthshire County Constabulary

1877 – Sergeant Isaac Wilson – Northamptonshire County Constabulary

1891 – Police Constable Henry Donaldson – Metropolitan Police

1905 – Police Constable William Elliott – Warwickshire County Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable John Miller – Royal Irish Constabulary

1940 – Special Constable Frederick Barratt – Coventry City Police

1940 – Special Constable Albert Bawden – Coventry City Police

1940 – Special Constable Harry Berry – Coventry City Police

1940 – Special Constable William Lambe – Coventry City Police

1940 – Police Messenger Thomas Lowry – Coventry City Police

1940 – Police Constable Kenneth Rollins – Coventry City Police

1940 – Police Constable William Timms – Coventry City Police

1979 – Police Constable Terence Ashley – Nottinghamshire Constabulary

1982 – Police Constable Joseph O’Brien – West Midlands Police

Just 85 Olympic-distance triathlons to go and I can get a very good rest. Please support me in my quest to raise some of the remaining money needed to build a fitting memorial to the thousands of officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their communities. Go to this page to donate whatever you can. Thank you.

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