Day 13 – unlucky for some

But lucky for me.

After yesterday’s very worrying episode and struggling with knee pain, today was full of trepidation.

Once again the swim was enjoyable, the cycle was measured to ensure knee pain was minimised and the run was OK. And OK is brilliant compared to where I was yesterday.

The difference was that I took the advice of my wife and ignored that of two people who conducted gait analyses, one before I started the challenge and one yesterday.

They said I should wear neutral running shoes despite my history of pronation. But my wife said I should go with how I feel and ignore what they said. And so today the orthotics I had made almost 30 years ago when I did some sprinting went into my shoes. And it made a huge difference. I still have the pain but was able to run without having to stop.

Lucky 13th, and so lucky to have her.

It is nice to get beyond the number 13, and continue to raise awareness and money to build a fitting memorial to the thousands of officers and staff who have lost their lives protecting the rest of us.

On November 12, the following officers and staff made the ultimate sacrifice:

1973 – Police Constable Michael Bailey – Warwickshire & Coventry Constabulary
1796 – Watchman David Brewer – St Sepulchre-without-Newgate, City of London
1983 – Police Constable Paul Clarke – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC
1940 – Police Constable John Doyle – Metropolitan Police
1961 – Police Constable Francis Gallagher – Liverpool City Police
1961 – Police Constable William Hunter – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC
1989 – Police Constable Jo-Ann Jennings – Essex Police
1920 – Police Constable Daniel O’Brien – Royal Irish Constabulary
2002 – Police Constable Berin Underwood – Metropolitan Police

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