Day 32 – in the company of madness

Almost a third of the way to the ultimate goal of 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days but today started with a mistake and swimming an extra eight lengths after I forgot I had paused the watch when the pool became too busy and others failed to observe lane etiquette.

Then onto the bike and it immediately felt tough. The two days before I had experienced severe saddle soreness but today was a little better in that regard. Nevertheless, summoning the energy to manage over an hour and ten minutes on the Wattbike at just over 20mph was an immense challenge. But at about 20 minutes I was joined by Tom, a fellow triathlete who had read about what I was doing. The conversation took my mind off the fatigue and the 25 miles passed by much more easily.

But starting the run was difficult, and the challenge has now become as much mental as it is physical. Many, if not most, people say I am mad or crazy to be attempting such a difficult feat, but with it now being a battle of mental strength, it is even more important to succeed.

Once again, others’ support was very helpful today, especially staff at the gym, and Amber in particular, whose caution, concern, advice and encouragement before and throughout the challenge has been very welcome.

The 10km was slow to begin but flowed more after half way. Another triathlon done and I have tomorrow’s to look forward to, marking the one third point of the final goal.  But, if I am to complete this, today was a sign of how important that support will be.

To anyone local, please join me for any part, however small. While you won’t make the effort any less, it could just get me through this mad challenge.

Every day I pay tribute to the police officers and staff who have lost their lives on duty. Today, December 1, I remembered the following who died to protect the rest of us:

1866 – Detective Officer George Cameron – Edinburgh City Police

1868 – Police Constable Thomas Mutch – Edinburgh City Police

1876 – Police Constable John Wharton – Derby County Constabulary

1882 – Police Constable George Cole – Metropolitan Police

1882 – Sergeant Charles Cruickshank – Dundee City Police

1900 – Police Constable Ernest Thompson – Metropolitan Police

1914 – Reserve Constable William Edwards – Metropolitan Police

1947 – Police Constable John Rankin – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1949 – Police Constable Reginald Smith – Port of London Authority Police

1973 – Police Constable Robert Megaw – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1987 – Sergeant Christopher Hunter – Metropolitan Police

1992 – Police Constable Michael Urwin – Northumbria Police

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