Day 31 – looking forward

The blustery weather has brought down fence panels and I have had to lean at a ridiculous angle as I ran a couple of days this week. The weather has also prevented me getting out on the road bike but it means I have sweated it out on the gym’s Wattbike a few more times.

The daily routine, spending three hours completing the triathlons, is a grind so I have taken to learning Turkish while riding the gym bike. It doesn’t make it any easier – surprisingly, I go faster than I plan to.

But the run was again the hardest part on day 31. After changing from the extremely sweaty cycling gear, the legs were like heavy weights that took a huge amount of effort to pick up and place in front of each other. They lightened as each kilometre ticked by but it felt like an age had passed before I reached half way.

But another notch is made and I can see the one third milestone very close. I will for the first time look to how many are left, something I have stringently avoided until now. Just 69 to go, a number that now, with 31 achieved on 31 consecutive days so far, seems achievable.

The support from people I meet offsets the negativity that naturally comes with such a challenge. So I am grateful for everyone who has wished me well and donated so far.

We will build the memorial in 2019 and create a fitting tribute at the National Memorial Arboretum to police officers and staff who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the rest of us.

On November 30, I paid tribute to those who died on this day. They are:

1850 – Police Constable Robert Bamborough – Essex County Constabulary

1882 – Police Constable Edward Walkling – Metropolitan Police

1893 – Chief Constable Peregrine Fellowes – Hampshire County Constabulary

1894 – Police Fireman Richard Sykes – Manchester City Police Fire Brigade

1920 – Temporary Cadet Cecil Guthrie – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable James Malynn – Royal Irish Constabulary

1927 – Police Constable Leonard Wetherall – Regent’s Canal Dock Police

1940 – Acting Sergeant Stanley Shuff – Berkshire County Constabulary

1940 – War Reserve Constable Herbert Symes – Southampton County Borough Police

1976 – Police Constable George Taylor – Strathclyde Police

1990 – Police Constable Nicholas Sweeney – Metropolitan Police


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