Day 96 – remaining strong in the finishing straight

Sunday February 3 was all about chalking off the next triathlon in the run-in to the finish on Thursday. A slight twinge to my left calf reminded me not to overdo the efforts as it would be horrendous to end my challenge so close to the finish.

But having recovered from flu-like illness and much more serious injury in the past 95 days, it is great to feel so good at this stage.

I am trying to get back to early morning starts after switching to completing them in the evenings – it was proving difficult to fit them in after work and eat substantial amounts of food before going to bed, plus I will be travelling to Staffordshire on Wednesday evening. So Saturday’s started at just before 2pm and I was aiming to begin today’s triathlon at 10am, although it ended up slightly after that.

The swim was much easier than yesterday with the lane mostly to myself. Then onto the bike and, with my challenge’s finishing line rearing up ahead, I was slightly cautious about pushing too hard – there is plenty of time left before I can think about a sprint finish.

As I reached 30km it was great to be joined by Tom once more, who took time out of looking after his newborn baby Grace to accompany me on today’s run.

Tom gave me a head start on the run but soon caught up and, running at speeds of up to 20km/hour, went flying ahead. I maintained my caution but completed another triathlon in a pretty good time (29 minute swim, 1 hour 10 minute cycle and 47 minute run) – it remains important to me to put in a strong effort each and every time.

Then we ticked off the first day of the countdown sign at the gym, just four more to go, will my body hold up to complete the job on Thursday? It is looking very promising.

Today I also paid tribute to the police officers and staff who died on February 3. They are:

1921 – Police Constable Samuel Adams – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable George Bell – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable John Bourke – Royal Irish Constabulary
1849 – Police Constable James Brogden – Liverpool City Police
1921 – Police Constable Edward Carter – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable Michael Doyle – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable Patrick Foody – Royal Irish Constabulary
1922 – Police Constable William Gourley – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Temporary Constable Samuel Green – Royal Irish Constabulary
1946 – Police Constable Richard Hart – Glamorganshire County Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable William Hayton – Royal Irish Constabulary
1922 – Police Constable Frank Kershaw – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable William Kingston – Royal Irish Constabulary
1868 – Police Constable Henry Madden – River Mersey Police
1889 – District Inspector William Martin – Royal Irish Constabulary
1959 – Inspector William McKim – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable Sydney Millin – Royal Irish Constabulary
1940 – Special Constable Thomas Mills – River Tyne Police
1921 – Police Constable Bernard Mollaghan – Royal Irish Constabulary
1775 – Watchman Philip Moss – London Night watch
1921 – Police Constable Arthur Pearce – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable Henry Smith – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable William Taylor – Royal Irish Constabulary


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