Day 95 – one more goal

For most of this challenge, to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days, the scale of what was ahead of me has been too big that I have broken it down and focused on shorter-term goals. It has been much easier mentally to aim to complete five more. And so, I reached 95 on Saturday, February 2, the last mini goal before the finishing line.

It was an incredible feeling, I can really see the the 100th and final one is within my sights.

As the ice and snow was still thick on the ground, I decided to complete the whole triathlon indoors. The swim was pretty tricky as to start with six people of varying ability vied for the one lane. Two soon moved into the slow lane when they realised they were getting in the way but two others obliviously disrupted my effort. Despite being much slower, they would pause at each end and set off just before I turned, which meant I had to keep overtaking them both within each 20m length. This meant I did a reasonable time as I was constantly accelerating at full speed (28 minutes).

I also pushed hard on the 40km cycle ride, finishing in 1 hour 8 minutes before jumping on the treadmill to do a 10km run in just over 48 minutes.

Thanks to Sarah for the lovely sign that has been put up at the gym, counting down the final days until the finish. I look forward to tomorrow when I hope to ceremonially tick off number 96.

But for now, I have enjoyed number 95 more than any other and the usual mini-celebration has been integral to completing this triathlon, the elation can probably only be beaten by Thursday when I hope to finish the final one in Staffordshire.

But each triathlon is also an opportunity to remember and reflect on the sad losses of police officers and staff who died serving their communities.

And today I paused to pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on this date. They are:

1921 – Police Constable Robert Barney – Royal Irish Constabulary
1877 – Police Constable William Clark – Lancashire County Constabulary
1921 – District Inspector Francis Craven DSO, DSC, DSM – Royal Irish Constabulary
1897 – Police Constable Samuel Hathaway – Metropolitan Police
1928 – Police Constable Sidney Hayward – Bradford City Police
1921 – Temporary Cadet John Houghton – Royal Irish Constabulary
1920 – Police Constable Page Janeway – Metropolitan Police
1822 – Sub-Constable Martin, Peace Preservation Force, Ireland
1921 – Police Constable Patrick Mullany – Royal Irish Constabulary
1938 – Police Constable John Potter – Devon County Constabulary
1949 – Detective Sergeant Peter Scanlan – Metropolitan Police
1962 – Detective Sergeant Arthur Smith – Bradford City Police
1920 – Sergeant Alfred Tyler – Metropolitan Police
1921 – Police Constable William Vanston – Royal Irish Constabulary

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