Day 94 – thank love it’s Friday

Well today was the last Friday that I will complete a triathlon during this challenge. Every day of this last week will be a big day as tiredness and emotion get the better of me.

This challenge, to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days, has certainly been life-changing. Not only has it reaffirmed, for me, how amazing our bodies are, if we set our minds to achieving something. But it has also taught me to treasure humanity.

If we do something in a good cause, put ourselves in a vulnerable position, it is amazing how others respond with generosity, especially with their hearts. It is important we put fear aside to share this. Thank you for the love that has been shown to me.

As I have paid tribute to so many police officers and staff who have lost their lives on duty, the biggest insight for me is the vast impact of the loss, to their families, friends and colleagues. Forget overcoming tiredness, injuries and illness, nothing can compare to this.

Please support my efforts to remember the loss of so many, give generously with your hearts – I now have so much more faith in humanity, love is about sharing loss too and if we can see the love we have, we can imagine the pain when others have it taken away.

I completed Friday’s triathlon and paid tribute to all officers and staff who lost their lives on February 1, and the huge sacrifice made by their loved ones. They are:

1825 – Watchman John Coe – London Night watch

1880 – Police Constable John Long – Lancashire County Constabulary

1921 – Police Constable Frederick Hines – Manchester City Police

1921 – Police Constable Patrick O’Connor – Royal Irish Constabulary

1922 – Police Constable Charles Ednie – Royal Irish Constabulary

1941 – Police Messenger Denis Melville – City of London Police

1944 – Police Constable Sydney Russell – Kent County Constabulary

1945 – Detective Sergeant Harry Battley – Metropolitan Police

1967 – Police Constable Albert Thomas – Devon & Exeter Constabulary

1977 – Police Constable John Clarke – Metropolitan Police

1987 – Sergeant Henry Lawrie BEM – Central Scotland Police

2010 – Police Constable Daniel Cooper – Wiltshire Police

While nothing in my life can compare to their loss, I took the opportunity to complete this triathlon thinking about the missing one in my life – this one was for you Kaira.

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