Day 80 – round 2 against the lurgy

The pressure was on today. Having to get a triathlon done and home again to prevent the wife doing anything that could cause any further damage to her broken wrist.

The earlier the start the more crowded the pool but everyone abided by good etiquette and allowed me to swim by when I caught them.

Then on to the bike and the cough that started the day before returned and made me feel a little dizzy. I was trying to push as hard as I could while recognising that I wasn’t feeling that well. Twenty miles into the cycle and I felt extremely faint but glad to be able to continue and finish the ride in an average time for the challenge.

Then it was on to the 10km run and it dawned on me that the lurgy had come back for another go. After I had overcome a very bad cold just a couple of weeks ago I didn’t expect to get another one before I finished the challenge. Again I tried balancing the need to get home quickly with not pushing too hard that I damage my chances of doing another triathlon the next day.

It took 51 minutes but I felt drained. I have overcome so much that at this point, having reached the 80 per cent milestone, I can not be beaten now. The rest of the day proved this is going to be a real fight. A temperature developed and the cough is now constant, including occasional retching.

Thankfully it is now the weekend and the chance for more sleep.

I am doing this challenge to raise money to build a fitting tribute to the sacrifice and courage of all police officers and staff. Today I remembered those who died on duty on January 18, they are:

1830 – Sub-Constable Thompson Morrison – Ulster Constabulary

1862 – Police Constable William Penny – Somerset County Constabulary

1873 – Police Constable George Grey – Northumberland County Constabulary

1877 – Police Constable Thomas Groomes – Metropolitan Police

1924 – Police Fireman Isaac Percival – Leeds Police Fire Brigade

1925 – Police Constable Albert Willits – Wolverhampton County Borough Police

1953 – Police Constable Charles Rogerson – River Tyne Police

1983 – Reserve Constable John Olphert – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

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