Day 81 & 82 – surviving to Lincoln

Apologies for the delay in posting updates over the last week, hopefully when they are live you will see why it has taken me so long.

After contracting the lurgy, Saturday and Sunday’s (January 19 and 20’s) triathlons were all about survival, as have been so many since.

I hadn’t expected to contract another illness so soon after the previous and this one hit me even harder. I made it through Saturday’s triathlon feeling like I had coped and with some confidence, gained from reaching this far and overcoming severe injuries and illnesses before, I felt that I would soon be on the mend.

However, I did not bank on how I felt on Sunday. I just managed the swim and after propping myself onto the Wattbike in the gym, felt like I was dying. That was, and remains, the most difficult cycle of the challenge so far.

The transition to run was extremely slow and I was buoyed by the support of those in the gym and a kind donation of an energy gel, before embarking outdoors. As my temperature soared, I managed to run out into the country. The first half of the run must have been the slowest yet. However, after retching into a hedge and heading back, I was joined by Sarah whose energy gave me such a lift.

As the sun shone on us it was difficult not to enjoy the run but it seemed to have consumed so much of my energy, by the end I was just about flaking out.

I was due to join Lincolnshire Police on Sunday evening ready for a triathlon on Monday. It was time for Sunday afternoon sleep so I had any chance of being on the start line.

As always, I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who lost their lives while serving on these days in the past.

On January 19, they are:

1945 – Police Constable Thomas Akrill – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
1966 – Police Constable Anthony Allder – Mid-Anglia Constabulary
1930 – Police Constable William Arnold – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary
1893 – Police Constable William Baines – Plymouth Borough Police
1881 – Police Constable job Bennett – Leicester County Constabulary
1844 – Town Officer Thomas Corstorphin – Burntisland Burgh Police
1870 – Police Constable Charles Cox – Metropolitan Police
1863 – Police Constable William Davey – Metropolitan Police
1869 – Police Constable James Dovey – Worcestershire County Constabulary
1874 – Police Constable Michael Gunning – Royal Irish Constabulary
1922 – Police Constable Francis Hill – Royal Irish Constabulary
1954 – Police Constable John Hill – Lancashire County Constabulary
1913 – Police Constable Frederick Loom – Midland Railway Police
1955 – Chief Inspector Edmund Norris MC – Wiltshire Constabulary
1895 – Police Constable George Tye – Birmingham City Police

And on January 20, they are:

1919 – Police Constable James Campbell – Glasgow City Police
1968 – Sergeant Normand Cook – Pembrokeshire County Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable John Doogue – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Police Constable Michael Moran – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – Sergeant Michael Mulloy – Royal Irish Constabulary
1921 – District Inspector Tobias O’Sullivan – Royal Irish Constabulary
1913 – Police Constable John Smith – City of London Police
1921 – Police Constable William Smith – Royal Irish Constabulary
1915 – Police Constable William Williamson – Metropolitan Police

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