Day 79 – a new level of difficulty

I am constantly reminded that the end of my challenge to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days is almost complete. There are plans to have a white board placed prominently in the gym showing a countdown to the final day’s triathlon on February 7.

Back on October 31 when it all started that date seemed so far away – over three months – but now it is just three weeks. However, today, I found that there are still major barriers to overcome if I am to complete the challenge.

After a very pleasant and relatively speedy 1,500m swim, the 40km cycle was a little laboured, the tiredness from travelling and late press days earlier in the week were still affecting me. Then on the 10km run I felt very hazy throughout, which was not good as it was treacherous underfoot. A sudden flurry of snow had mostly cleared in bright sunlight but in the shadows it had turned to invisible ice.

As I sat longer than normal attempting to recover in the changing rooms, I received an urgent appeal from my wife to return home as she had fallen while out walking. On arrival, I could tell a hospital visit was needed. Two hours later and her arm is in plaster, X-rays showing a clear break in her wrist.

My challenge just got a lot more difficult as my wife can not drive for between six and eight weeks, she is very upset that she can’t do much without my help and won’t be able to play tennis for some time.

On top of this I seem to have picked up a cough from the hospital. If ever there was a reason to concentrate on the here an now, rather than thinking ahead to the finish, this is it.

Ironically, after her constant warnings about the damage to my body from completing so many triathlons without a day for recovery, I am currently injury free. However, I will not dwell on this fact as she is bound to read this.

I am continuing to complete this very difficult challenge to raise funds for a fitting tribute to fallen police officers and staff to be built at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. If you have not already done so, please donate whatever you can here.

Today’s triathlon was completed in tribute to all those who died on January 17, they are:

1872 – Police Constable John Davey – City of London Police

1903 – Police Constable Thomas Hines – Ipswich County Borough Police

1921 – Police Constable Robert Boyd – Royal Irish Constabulary

1924 – Special Constable Joseph Cooke – Ulster Special Constabulary

1939 – Police Constable William Hall – Metropolitan Police

1943 – Police Constable Albert Burns – Metropolitan Police

1944 – War Reserve Constable Arthur Lowe – Liverpool City Police

1985 – Police Constable Robert Owen – Staffordshire Police

1985 – Police Constable Graham Whitehurst – Staffordshire Police

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