Day 52 – Feeling blessed

Today, I was very worried about the injury to my left calf muscle. After the last three days when it has gradually worsened, every walking step on the way to the pool to begin today’s triathlon and each of the push offs on the swim was a nervous test of whether the muscle continued its decline.

I used mostly the right leg to push off at the beginning but gradually engaged the left more as each length was completed. The signs were good at this stage.

Before the end I was joined by Lucy who is making sure I take more care of myself than I otherwise would, through advice, cajoling and now providing me with the best nutrition available. More about this later.

After transition 1, it was a pleasure to see Tom on the Wattbike, having come to join me again, but on two elements of today’s triathlon.

The gears were turned down on the cycle once more to maximise the possibility of recovery from the injury while continuing with the challenge. The company made the ride seem half as long as it normally does despite adding two and a half kilometres extra as I forgot to press the start button on the watch.

Then on the run and the calf felt very stiff at the beginning, as if someone had strapped a bag of sugar to it and it was bouncing up and down as I ran. At the beginning, the Ironman shuffle was deployed but with each step my confidence grew that the injury was less severe than the day before.

Slowly, the pace improved although a couple of twinges towards the end made sure I held back from over-exertion and it was a huge relief to finish in a reasonable time and am now optimistic I can get over this latest scare.

Into the office and I opened the large bag of food that Lucy provided, having extensively researched the best nutrition for such an event and to ensure recovery from injuries. Wow, what a wonderful bag of goodies. From the ice pack for my calf to the salmon meal,  snacks and turmeric capsules, it felt like Christmas had come early.

Together with the positive encouragement on social media, the kindness offered today was like a push from behind that will make a huge difference to the 48 triathlons left to do.

If you have not donated to my challenge to raise money to build a fitting tribute to fallen police officers and staff, your support would be very welcome and a major boost to my efforts.

Today I paid tribute to those who died on duty on December 21, they are:

1844 – Police Constable John Birkmyre – Metropolitan Police

1844 – Police Constable John Wright – Metropolitan Police

1867 – Acting Sergeant William Hall – Northumberland County Constabulary

1876 – Police Constable Robert Gourlay – Roxburghshire Constabulary

1898 – Police Constable James Wheeler – Northumberland County Constabulary

1900 – Police Constable Alfred Clarke – Worcestershire County Constabulary

1940 – Police Fireman James Hood – Liverpool Police Fire Brigade

1940 – War Reserve Constable Richard Millington – Liverpool City Police

1968 – Police Constable Carol Waddington – Rochdale County Borough Police

1973 – Police Constable Dennis Smith QPM – Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

1989 – Detective Sergeant Robert Johnston – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

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