Day 51 – countdown shuffle

I have struggled with an injury over the last two days and today was always going to be a test of whether I can battle through this major hurdle.

The advice I received is to turn down the gears on the bike and employ the ‘Ironman shuffle’ on the run. For those not acquainted with the latter tactic, the shuffle is well used by may people who embark on an Ironman triathlon (3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and marathon run). After such a tough cycle, most people survive the marathon by an occasional walk or cut their stride length to avoid cramping in what looks like a shuffling movement.

To continue the challenge I knew I had no other choice despite it being so difficult to do. However, I used the swim to enjoy some intensity.

The gear was duly turned down on the bike and the 40km took an extra few minutes. My legs still felt sore but not any worse than yesterday when I dismounted.

Then starting the run it was immensely worrying as the pain in the left calf muscle was intense. The shuffle was deployed and I managed to continue.

At this point the heavens opened and I knew I would achieve a degree of masochism from the elements instead of the usual intensity of exertion.

It became easier to run as I got wetter. I was able to continue with just a very strong ache and the occasional sharp pain as a reminder to stick to the advice.

It is with relief that I can now write that for the first time I have fewer triathlons to complete than I have already done, although simply walking proved difficult for the rest of the day.

I am endeavouring to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days to raise money to build a fitting tribute to police officers and staff who lose their lives serving their communities and keeping us safe.

Today I paid tribute to those who died on December 20, they are:

1865 – Police Constable George Sykes – Metropolitan Police

1885 – Police Constable Frank Smith – North Staffordshire Railway Police

1888 – Police Constable Alexander Lamont – Coatbridge Burgh Police

1898 – Police Constable Thomas King – Inverness-shire Constabulary

1914 – Police Constable Alfred Smith – Metropolitan Police

1920 – Sergeant Thomas Walsh – Royal Irish Constabulary

1930 – Police Constable Albert Cox – Kent County Constabulary

1940 – Police Constable Thomas Voce – Liverpool City Police

1940 – Special Constable William Wallace – Wallasey County Borough Police

1986 – Police Constable (Retd) William Wright – Glasgow City Police

1990 – Reserve Constable Wilfred Wethers – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

Please support my effort by donating here.

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