Day 53 – steps to almost normality

Today was a another step in the right direction as my ‘active recovery’ from a severe calf injury has continued. So much so that my run time is back to normal even though I was very much holding myself back. For the first time I wore compression calf guards which seemed to help a lot.

A standard 1,520 metres swim time (29 minutes), slightly slower 40 km cycle (1 hour 12 minutes) and a 50 minute 10km run, and it is further adding to my belief the final 100 consecutive day challenge is possible. However, once the calf guards were removed, just walking remained painful, normality is not quite there yet.

The nutrition donation continued from Lucy. Like something from a spy movie – one insulated Marks and Spencer bag (containing washed empties) was replaced by an identical one full of fabulous ingredients to help muscles and joints survive.

Then on to a massage and my calf muscles have been taped for extra support.

As ever, I paid tribute to the officers and staff who died on this date. On December 22, they are:

1891 – Sergeant Thomas Biggs – Metropolitan Police

1894 – Sergeant William Snell – Metropolitan Police

1901 – Police Constable Abraham Sutcliffe – Lancashire County Constabulary

1912 – Police Constable Albert Diss – Great Eastern Railway Police

1912 – Police Fireman William Gavan – Liverpool Police Fire Brigade

1920 – Police Constable William Jones – Royal Irish Constabulary

1940 – Police Constable Lewis Glover – Liverpool City Police

1949 – Chief Inspector Leonard Smith – Lancashire County Constabulary

1976 – Reserve Constable Samuel Armour – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1979 – Reserve Constable Stanley Hazelton – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1981 – Sergeant Lewis Entwistle – Greater Manchester Police

2014 – Police Constable Jonathan Relph – Metropolitan Police

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