Day 29 – the warmth of the north

I completed today’s Olympic-distance triathlon in Preston. A warmer welcome I could not have had.

I was in the area for a work meeting but what kind and helpful hospitality I had. Thank you Colin Moore for hosting me, picking me up from the train station very late, getting up at an ungodly time and accompanying me for several hours as I completed this – the 29th in 29 days – triathlon. For the beautiful lunch, Mrs Moore’s yummy parkin and being my taxi again back to the station, I am tremendously grateful.

While it was blustery, I had gone from two degrees in the south to thirteen in the north, very weird. I feel like I have been on a short holiday.

Thank you too to the staff of Preston’s Nuffield Health gym, what great support and brilliant facilities! I have been to three other Nuffield gyms and this is the best so far. It made me want to move there just to be a member.

The rest of this update is in video format, the following clips are probably much better at explaining what is involved in this challenge.

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