Day 28 – happy in control

Thank you to everyone who has sent good wishes for my challenge, today was the day they were most needed.

I could tell by the tiredness on the swim it was going to be a hard one. Then while cycling, I desperately just wanted to sleep. Because I was conscious I wasn’t feeling great, I expected and felt the ride to take forever, so I wasn’t disappointed. And the run was again so difficult to begin. After the massage the previous night, I knew how sore I was and if I carried on pushing the run as hard as I have been, the challenge would not last much longer.

I had twinges in my calves and hips, as well as the painful knees that have troubled me from almost the beginning. Despite the cold biting, I trudged through the run, around three minutes slower than the past few days, but very happy I had controlled it and possibly avoided further damage, and maybe even managed ‘active recovery’ as I now know it. The next milestones are a little closer.

Thank you for all your support so far, if you can donate to help build the memorial to fallen police officers and staff, it will give me a fabulous boost.

Today I remembered those who died on November 27, and their number is again similar to the normal amount after yesterday’s low, and many more recent deaths for which this anniversary will bring huge sadness to the hundreds of family members, friends and colleagues. They are:

1832 – Sub-Constable Richard Dawson – Ulster Constabulary

1882 – Inspector Joseph Hughes – Metropolitan Police

1927 – Police Constable Henry Walker – North Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

1929 – Police Constable William Marsh – Southend-on-Sea County Borough Constabulary

1972 – Police Constable Michael Round – West Midlands Constabulary

1976 – Police Constable James Mason – Central Scotland Police

1982 – Reserve Constable (Retd) John Martin – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1986 – Police Constable Deborah Leat – Avon & Somerset Constabulary

2002 – Police Constable Christian Parker – Metropolitan Police

2006 – Sergeant Alan Lovett – Hertfordshire Constabulary

2015 – Police Constable Sahib Lalli – Metropolitan Police

You can donate to the memorial trust by clicking here, thank you.

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