Day 24 – remembering the loved ones

Apologies for the late posting of this update but it was a long day at work after completing today’s Olympic-distance triathlon.

Today went staggeringly well, early in the pool, a steady 1,500 metre swim, solid bike ride, again joined by Head of Happiness (see day 22), and the run was again sub 50 minutes and just small reminders of the knee pains but nothing significant.

The main difficulty is maintaining motivation as the energy used leaves you lethargic.

Today (November 23) is the tenth anniversary of the Warrenpoint collision that took the lives of four Police Service of Northern Ireland officers. On their way to a call for assistance at 4am, their 4×4 crashed and burst into flames.

Behind each officer was a family. One officer’s partner was expecting his second child. It was another’s fourth wedding anniversary. The  impact on colleagues was also immense, who would contemplate having to attend funerals for four of your close colleagues?

You can read more about this tragedy here.

Over the almost three hours of completing today’s triathlon, I remembered their service and what it means to the families, friends and colleagues of officers who die on duty to have a tribute that befits the sacrifice they made.

I remembered all officers and staff who died on this day. They were:

1913 – Police Constable Samuel Smart – Liverpool City Police

1933 – Police Constable Albert Packer – Metropolitan Police

1940 – Police Constable Harold Lewis – Birmingham City Police

1940 – Police Constable William Mitchinson – Birmingham City Police

1957 – Police Constable Patrick Duignan – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1963 – Police Constable Robert Bell – Dunbartonshire Constabulary

1970 – Police Constable Keith Winter – British Transport Police

1972 – Police Constable Kenneth Fletcher – Lancashire Constabulary

1986 – Police Constable John Taylor – Staffordshire Police

2008 – Police Constable Kevin Gorman – Police Service of Northern Ireland

2008 – Police Constable Declan Greene – Police Service of Northern Ireland

2008 – Police Constable Kenneth Irvine – Police Service of Northern Ireland

2008 – Police Constable James Magee – Police Service of Northern Ireland

Please help us build the memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire by donating whatever you can. Visit

Thank you.

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