Day 25 – enjoying the turbulence

Waking up knowing that this day was the 25th of my challenge was a great feeling, a significant milestone – a quarter of the way to the total of 100 Olympic-distance triathlons  in 100 consecutive days.

A pain on the right hip bone dampened my elation as I set off to begin today’s effort. And when I climbed in the pool, it was a surprise that almost all of it had been taken over by the Aquarobics class. Fifty people jumping up and down made the effort like swimming in the sea during a storm.

I actually enjoyed it, partly as it emptied everyone else out of the one lane left for swimming and also because it added a bit of much needed variation.

The cycle was straightforward but when it came to the run my legs felt very heavy. I started the 10km pretty slowly and took the decision to just relax and feel my way into it. As each kilometre buzz on the watch passed, I enjoyed not looking and not knowing how fast, or how slow, I was running.

However, as I came to the end I felt I was running at a decent speed and when I stopped the watch on the tenth buzz it was pretty pleasing to see it was 48m43s – the first time under 49 minutes on any day of the challenge. I just hope I don’t pay for that tomorrow.

I am completing this challenge to do 100 triathlons in 100 days to raise awareness and funds to build a fitting tribute to all the police officers and staff who have died on duty, having made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the rest of us.

Next year, we hope to build a physical, digital and living memorial to honour all who have died to keep us safe. The physical memorial will be built at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

I am also doing this to create fitting tribute to all officers and staff who face enormous danger every day when responding to incidents and dealing with all manner of situations.

Today I paid tribute to the officers who died on November 24 in previous years. They are:

1865 – Police Constable John Purcell – Denbigh County Constabulary

1887 – Superintendent Thomas Birkill – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

1906 – Sergeant John Kilmartin – Royal Irish Constabulary

1907 – Police Constable Brownlow Locke – Liverpool City Police

1920 – Police Constable Thomas Dillon – Royal Irish Constabulary

1939 – Special Constable Leslie Horsfall – Berkshire County Constabulary

1940 – Police Fireman Gilbert Vincent – Bristol Police Fire Brigade

1961 – Police Constable Stanley Cross – Surrey Constabulary

1987 – Sergeant Douglas Beggs – Merseyside Police

1989 – Police Constable Barry Saunders – South Yorkshire Police

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