Day 23 – keeping happy

Today was another good day, all elements of the triathlon completed without pain and in what is a consistent time (1,500m swim – 29 mins, 40km bike – 1hr 12mins, 10km run – 49mins 35secs).

Although it was a cautious run on the roads with the coldest night of the year so far and icy pavements. I started the run when the temperature was -2 degrees but finished it as it reached a whopping zero.

But an empty pool and company on the bike from someone who has the title of Head of Happiness at a pork scratchings company made for a pleasant triathlon.

Sights are firmly on Saturday and the next milestone – a quarter of the way to the total.

Today I paid tribute to the following officers who died on November 22 protecting the rest of us:

1832 – Police Constable Michael Wright – Leinster Constabulary

1894 – Sergeant Charles Wilson – Glasgow City Police

1915 – Special Constable John Hornshaw – Kingston-upon-Hull City Police

1920 – Police Constable Patrick Driscoll – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable Michael Fleming – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Head Constable John Kearney – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable Edward Roper – Royal Irish Constabulary

1924 – Police Constable Robert Pritchard – Anglesey County Constabulary

1929 – Sergeant  John Braithwaite – Burnley County Borough Police

1932 – Police Fireman Ebenezer Harris – Swansea Police Fire Brigade

1935 – Police Constable Joseph Diboll – Metropolitan Police

1948 – Police Constable Stewart MacDonald – Glasgow City Police

1949 – Police Constable Albert Hawkins – Metropolitan Police

1994 – Assistant Constable William Graham – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

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