Day 9 – no break but a mini celebration is close

Yesterday’s triathlon had a major impact and left me exhausted. So today, Thursday, was going to be hard mentally.

I was back in the routine and an early night again but the overwhelming feeling I had on waking at 4am was a huge desire to take a day off.

But that is a major part of the challenge, it has to be done on consecutive days and, this early, I have to shun such thoughts from my brain.

The swim seemed to take ages, it was again really nice to have some company, even if only for a small part (cheers Colin Cowle). The bike was much easier and knees felt pain free until 35 kilometres. The niggles returned so I eased back for the last part. And the run was very pleasant. My shorts and top were dripping wet with sweat from the cycle but the weather was so nice, they were bone dry by the end of the run and I didn’t feel cold at all.

One more done and I can look forward to number 10 on Friday and, with every fifth one, my little mini-celebration – hope it will be a trip to our favourite Turkish restaurant, and then a lie in on Saturday (6am).

I am completing these 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days to build a fitting tribute to police officers and staff who have died on duty. I remember those who died every day and on November 8, the following made the ultimate sacrifice:

1813 – Police Constable Enos Climer – Buckinghamshire Constabulary

1828 – Sub Constable Patrick Cleary – Ulster Constabulary

1875 – Police Constable Thomas Turner – Newport Borough Police

1916 – Police Constable Ernest Albert Cooper – Gloucestershire Constabulary

1920 – Constable Hugh Kearns – Royal Irish Constabulary

1939 – War Reserve Constable Israel Abrahams – Metropolitan Police

1940 – Special Constable Henry Thomas Welfare – East Sussex Constabulary

1987 – Sergeant (Rtd) Samuel Gault – Royal Ulster Constabulary GC

1987 – Reserve Constable Edward Armstrong – Royal Ulster Constabulary GC

But I am also doing this to say thank you to all officers and staff who are going into danger every day to protect us.

My stats for this day are as follows:

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