Day 8 – The aftermath of a press day

On Wednesday, the day after press day, was always going to be a big test.

Press days are stressful, often involve working late and mean meals are grabbed at awkward times, which was again the case. By the time I left the office at just gone 9pm, the routine established this week had been blown apart. No chance of getting to sleep early and grabbing the all important recovery before hearing the alarm ring at 4am again.

But even with just four hours sleep I didn’t feel too bad when I climbed into the pool to begin today’s triathlon. I was buoyed by the cheery welcome of the gym’s receptionist who told me she has read all about the challenge in this week’s local paper – The Bucks Herald. Nice.

However, a third of the way into the cycle, I could feel the tiredness kick in. Every kilometre seemed to tick down so slowly, and sitting on a razor of a bike seat for another hour and 15 minutes meant the effort was numbing both ends of the body.

By the time I started the run, the muscles were stiff and I was feeling extremely drained. I completed the run in 51 minutes, slower than usual but I cared less about the time than I have ever done so far.

Today was not the most productive at work either, I have to admit. After a couple of hours a reclined car seat beckoned.

But no matter how tired I get, it is so important that we pay tribute to the thousands of police officers and staff who have given their lives for us.

Today I remembered all the officers who died on November 8, they are:

1850 – Police Constable Thomas Underwood – London & North Western Railway Police

1864 – Police Constable George Saunders – Metropolitan Police

1867 – Police Constable Patrick Keena – Dublin Metropolitan Police

1870 – Police Constable Richard White – Dundee City Police

1930 – Superintendent Thomas Blanchard – Lancashire County Constabulary

1966 – Police Constable George Higham – Lancashire County Constabulary

1978 – Police Cadet Michael Hall, Police Constable Isabella Harris and Police Constable Gerard Hogg – Dumfries & Galloway Constabulary

1984 – Police Constable Timothy Lilley – Hampshire Constabulary

Please support my challenge to raise money to build a fitting memorial to them and say a huge thank you to all officers who do a hugely difficult and dangerous job. You can donate at

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