Day 10 – a milestone of awareness

I have now reached the first major milestone – ten Olympic-distance triathlons done in ten days.

The swimming is getting tougher, for some reason the distance feels much longer every day. However, the cycling feels easier, there is less pain in the knees as I ride and times have improved. When running though, the knees feel every step.

On days 4 and 5, I was easily drawn into pushing too hard on the run as a result of the kilometre times that flashed on my Garmin watch. Despite all my instincts and how I have previously trained, I have to focus on the surviving another 90, rather than worrying about PBs. It is now obvious I will have to get used to 10km runs in excess of 50 minutes if I am to avoid injuring myself.

I promised that after every five triathlons I will have a mini-celebration. So our favourite Turkish restaurant was booked and its special devoured, followed by fresh baclava and Turkish tea. Before I start my 11th, I have five days to plan the next mini-celebration.

There is an awareness building of my challenge. Locally, strangers have started asking me about it after some good publicity in the newspaper and on radio.

And I now have two chief constables offering to take part in at least one leg of a triathlon when I take the challenge around the country – I have visits planned to at least six forces so far.

After reaching this important but early milestone I am feeling positive about how the challenge is going. The donations have slipped slightly behind target so if anyone is planning to donate, please do so at my Justgiving page.

On this day, as every day, I pay tribute to the officers who died. On November 9th in the following years, these officers made the ultimate sacrifice to keep the public safe:

1849 – Head Constable William Campling – Saffron Walden Borough Police

1872 – Police Constable Moses Parrott – Metropolitan Police

1881 – Sergeant William Bacon – Metropolitan Police

1893 – Police Constable William Grant – Lancashire County Constabulary

1913 – Police Constable Ernest Watts – Surrey Commercial Dock Police

1920 – Police Constable Archibald Turner – Royal Irish Constabulary

1938 – Police Constable George Shepherd – Metropolitan Police

1968 – Head Constable Robert Murdoch – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1982 – Detective Constable Garry Ewing – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1989 – Police Constable Ronald Ansell – Lancashire Constabulary

1989 – Police Constable Douglas Johnston – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

2005 – Police Constable David Shreeve – Merseyside Police

But I am also doing the challenge to say ‘Thank you’ to every officer and member of police staff who every day risk their own safety to protect the rest of us.

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