Day 89 – focus on remembrance

Today was a case of getting to the gym earlier but for some reason I was again just as pressed to get the triathlon done in time before it closed.

However, very pleasing to feel I have a lot more energy – a quick swim, the cycle was done in a more rapid time of 1.08, and the run once again in less than 47 minutes.

All were done indoors as the weather is deteriorating badly but means I sweat much more and lose a lot of liquids and minerals.

I have also found it difficult to take in enough calories to fuel my efforts in the past week so I made a big effort to refuel after this one. And Lucy will be pleased to know the supplements she supplied are disappearing.

Just 11 more triathlons to go and receiving so many questions about ‘what then?’ My focus remains on the next milestone – number 90. And, as always, remembering those police officers and members of staff who died serving their communities every day.

Today I remembered the following who lost their lives protecting the rest of us on January 27:

1827 – Constable Thomas Warren – Belfast Borough Police

1940 – Special Constable Thomas Mills – River Tyne Police

1944 – Police Constable Walter Tralau – Metropolitan Police

1945 – War Reserve Constable Arthur Howell – Metropolitan Police

1945 – Police Constable William Sharp – Metropolitan Police

1945 – War Reserve Constable George Wrighton – Lincolnshire County Constabulary

1946 – Police Constable Wilfred Clarke – Gloucestershire County Constabulary

1956 – Police Constable John Newell – Leicestershire & Rutland Constabulary

1961 – Police Constable Norman Anderson – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1962 – Police Constable Ernest Southern – Lancashire County Constabulary

1964 – Police Constable Peter Child – Kent County Constabulary

1972 – Sergeant Peter Gilgunn – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1972 – Police Constable David Montgomery – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1977 – Detective Constable Patrick McNulty – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

I am completing 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days to raise money to build a fitting tribute to these and every police officer and staff member who has lost their lives serving their communities.

This superb physical, digital and living memorial will be created with the structure located at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Please donate whatever you can here. Thank you.

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