Day 88 – my effort for justice

I am not suspicious by nature but the crucial timing of this triathlon – the 13th to go to complete the 100 – will be a pleasure to pass without incident.

Again a late start and I will attempt to complete the remainder in the evenings. This takes careful planning though, not something I am known for. So by the time I was in the pool at almost 5.30 the alarm bells were ringing in my brain – the gym closes at 8 so I had to get a move on.

A 29 minute swim followed by quick transition to the bike and a 1 hour 10 minute bike ride left just 47 minutes to complete a 10km run. Those who have followed my efforts will know that my fastest on the challenge so far has been 46 minutes so after recent illnesses I was likely to be begging the staff to stay open for me. However, I slowly ratcheted up the speed of the treadmill and managed to dip under 47 minutes to finish bang on 8 o’clock.

While the threat of the triathlon being cut short was good motivation, it was such a pleasure to feel that I am returning to form after illness. After 88 triathlons, I can say I am pretty fit and could go much quicker if it was a one-off race. However, after feeling like I was dying on a number of occasions over the past week, it is absolutely wonderful to be strong again and hopefully put in a solid performance in the 12 that are left.

I am completing this massive challenge to raise funds to build a fitting tribute to the courage and sacrifice of police officers and staff. A stunning memorial will provide a place for family, friends, colleagues and the whole service to remember those who have paid the ultimate price to protect the rest of us. I intend to do justice to their sacrifice.

Seeing its construction at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire will also send a huge ‘Thank you’ to all officers and members of staff who willingly put their lives in danger to come to our assistance every single day.

Please help us get the campaign across the line by donating here.

Today I remembered and paid tribute to those who lost their lives protecting their communities on January 26. They include Detective Constable John Fordham whose death remains subject to one of the biggest injustices of all time.

The full list is:

1903 – Police Constable William Price – Staffordshire County Constabulary

1921 – Police Constable Michael Quinn – Royal Irish Constabulary

1939 – Police Constable Andrew Matthew – Aberdeen City Police

1921 – Police Constable Thomas Heffron – Royal Irish Constabulary

1941 – War Reserve Constable John Towers – Essex County Constabulary

1970 – Detective Constable Gordon Tallontire – Cumbria Constabulary

1974 – Reserve Constable John Rodgers – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1984 – Chief Superintendent Richard Beacock – Nottinghamshire Constabulary

1985 – Detective Constable John Fordham – Metropolitan Police

1992 – Police Constable Mark Woodhead – West Midlands Police

1998 – Police Constable Steven Stimpson – Humberside Police

2 thoughts on “Day 88 – my effort for justice

  1. What a fantastic achievement today Paul.
    So good to feel the buoyancy and positivity in your write up and to know you will achieve this momentous goal. Well done👍🏻


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