Day 72 – covering the distance

Today the BBC came to film my attempt to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days. Beginning at 8.30 am the filming was to be extremely lengthy and repetitive, not just of my triathlon but even getting in my car in the morning.

By the time filming ended at almost 1pm, I had done almost a whole triathlon but effectively in intervals. I had to get in the pool and swim two lengths about 20 times as there was so much steam coming off the water and from the sauna area.

As I hadn’t quite completed a triathlon it was back on to the bike and finish where I left off. Just to be sure I did the full distance I cycled another 30km and ran 8km, probably far more than I needed to do to make up the Olympic-distance triathlon. I was exhausted after all of that.

The filming was supposed to be shown at 6.30pm but, rather disappointingly, has been held over and might be shown the following night. Sorry for anyone who I told to watch the TV to see what I am doing but I am so grateful to the BBC for their interest, I am sure it will be a fabulous piece. It was certainly very thorough filming and I hope the feature explains why I am putting myself through all this difficulty and garners more public support to get the new memorial to fallen police officers built.

Today I paid tribute to all the officers and staff who died on January 10. They are:

1871 – Police Constable Benjamin Snow – Hertfordshire County Constabulary

1877 – Police Constable George Phillips – Gloucestershire County Constabulary

1883 – Superintendent Edward Marshall – Cornwall County Constabulary

1913 – Sergeant George Spooner – Metropolitan Police

1941 – Special Constable Walter Colley – Portsmouth City Police

1941 – Special Constable Harold White – Portsmouth City Police

1941 – Police Fireman Harry Whiteman – Portsmouth Police Fire Brigade

1943 – Special Sergeant William Rendell – Devon County Constabulary

1984 – Reserve Constable William Fullerton – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1997 – Police Constable Steven Willis – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

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