Day 71 – I am not drunk, honest

After a day of drinking and eating as many remedies as possible, my acid worries reduced considerably. However, a late press day on Tuesday evening and subsequent dinner at way beyond 9pm, meant I was always going to start Wednesday’s triathlon deprived of sleep.

Getting just six hours of sleep in a 48-hour period while completing an Olympic-distance triathlon each day is not a recipe for high performance. So it was today when my swim was very laboured. Then, feeling better than the previous day, I tried to push the bike, but the tiredness ensured it was not the fastest time. Thankfully, I had some company and the time passed much easier. When I started the run I wondered if people thought I was drunk. It probably looked like I had been on the sauce as I was drifting across the path as I ran, even clipping hedges with my shoulder. If 50 naked women had run by I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

After about half way I again felt easier and was able to push a little harder but it was a massive relief to reach the end and attempt to recover. However, there was the small matter of a full day’s work ahead. At least I have almost got over the acid attack from yesterday. With 71 now completed, the number of triathlons remaining begins with a 2 for the first time and that is a very nice feeling.

The BBC plan to film tomorrow’s effort for the South Today programme so something to look out for – I hope I can get some decent sleep so I can properly portray what it is I am doing this challenge for.

I am hoping to help raise the last amount of money needed to build a fitting tribute to fallen police officers and staff. Today I remembered those who died serving their communities on January 9. They are:

1846 – Police Constable Fitz Parsons – Metropolitan Police

1860 – Police Constable John Taylor – Lancashire County Constabulary

1888 – Sergeant Silvester Walton – Durham County Constabulary

1896 – Sergeant Charles Percival – Lancashire County Constabulary

1915 – Police Constable George Pragnell – Newcastle-upon-Tyne City Police

1915 – Police Constable John Welch – Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Police

1942 – Special Constable Frederick Baker – Hampshire County Constabulary

1948 – Police Constable Arthur Quemby – Metropolitan Police

1956 – Inspector John Gordon – Stirling and Clackmannan Constabulary

1987 – Police Constable John Bispham – Thames Valley Police

1987 – Reserve Constable Ivan Crawford – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

2003 – Police Constable Gerald Walker – Nottinghamshire Police

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