Day 65 – Zzzelebrating a mini milestone

This was another very tough day. After yesterday’s effort I was fortunate to be able to take time out from work to get some much needed sleep. I was in bed not long after 8pm but during the night sneezing woke me many times. However, I was able to drag myself out of bed at 5am and into the pool for 7.

A slightly slower than normal swim followed but then the 40km cycle was probably the most challenging aspect of all the elements of my triathlons so far. My sinuses were terribly blocked making my eyes constantly water and my face ache. I attempted to clear my sinuses by blowing my nose with little effect but the pile of tissues on the floor surrounding my bike ensured no-one came close.

By half way I was burning up but just managed to keep going to complete a much slower ride.

Once I stopped, my sweaty clothes were getting colder by the second and very uncomfortable. I changed and felt pity for Jonathan who had come to accompany me on the 10km run. It was obvious by the look on his face when he saw me that I looked pretty bad.

Once outside, the cold fresh air and company must have had a positive effect on my cold though. Despite feeling incredibly tired, we were able to slowly build the pace and managed a 50 minute 10km run.

As usual I celebrate every fifth triathlon and am so grateful to be able to reach another mini milestone. I guarantee the celebration will be just more sleep.

I am battling to complete an Olympic-distance triathlon on 100 consecutive days to raise money for a memorial to be built to fallen police officers and staff at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Today I paid tribute to those who died protecting the rest of us on January 3. They are:

1812 – Watchman Dugald Campbell – Edinburgh City Police

1837 – Watchman Michael O’Neill – Limerick, Munster

1838 – Sub-Constable Samuel Mahafey – Irish Constabulary

1838 – Sub-Constable Henry Rodgers – Irish Constabulary

1915 – Police Constable Albert Dowse – Sheffield City Police

1941 – War Reserve Constable Robert Holmes – Bristol City Police

1941 – Police Fireman Albert Janes – Bristol City Police

1980 – Reserve Constable Robert Crilly – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1989 – Police Constable Steven Ingham – Durham Constabulary

2012 – Detective Constable Andrew Stokes – Greater Manchester Police

Your support in sharing this page or donating to the cause if you have not already is very much appreciated. Please visit my justgiving page here.

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