Day 64 – rolling a head

After a night of broken sleep from my very heavy cold, when even the Christmas cake remedy failed, I went to the gym feeling achey and lethargic.

I was simply numb when I got in the pool to begin today’s triathlon but managed to complete the 1,500m comfortably. However, when jumping on the Wattbike I knew it would be really tough. Every part of my body ached immensely and my head felt like someone had swapped it with a bowling ball; I would have loved to have a pillow to pop on the handlebars and rest my head as I completed the ride. Every time I took a drink my sinuses would fill, eyes water and head ache even more.

After the 40km ride I set off into the zero degree temperatures outside for the 10km run. I knew I had simply to survive and hope I can recover while also completing a triathlon every day. The 52 minutes seemed to take forever and when I finished I could easily have lied down in a corner and slept. However, it was into the office for the first day back to work properly and lots to do to prepare for the first edition of Police Professional in 2019.

I am battling through the injuries and illnesses that come with completing an Olympic-distance triathlon every day to help raise the money needed to build a memorial to more than 4,000 police officers and staff who have lost their lives while protecting the public.

Today I paid tribute to those who died on January 2. They are:

1833 – Sub-Constable Bartholemew Gannon – Leinster Constabulary

1849 – Police Constable John Micklewright – Shropshire County Constabulary

1858 – Police Constable Henry Morgan – Metropolitan Police

1898 – Police Constable Ambrose Harrison – Kingston-upon-Hull City Police

1900 – Police Constable George Funnell – Metropolitan Police

1928 – Police Constable Harry Peden – Lanarkshire Constabulary

1939 – Police Constable Percy Gray – Admiralty Civil Police

1941 – Special Constable Edgar Inglis – Cardiff City Police

1941 – War Reserve Constable Harry Stagg – Metropolitan Police

1943 – Special Constable Alfred Ford – Devon County Constabulary

1967 – Sergeant Peter Harman – Staffordshire County Constabulary

1970 – Police Constable Christopher Billson – Metropolitan Police

1973 – Police Constable George Sweeting – Metropolitan Police

Please donate whatever you can here.