Day 41 – paying for it

Today I may have paid for the enthusiasm of reaching the 40 milestone, and possibly the celebration afterwards. Not only was the stomach affected but my calves have turned painfully solid.

The 1,500 metre swim was notable for its simplicity and once again having a lane to myself. The 40km cycle was fairly quick – 1hr09mins. But the 10km run was three minutes slower than the day before, as the calf muscles started to seize up and stomach cramps took hold.

Another one completed and just 59 to go, hopefully the muscles will have eased by tomorrow’s effort. Apologies to colleagues and anyone who meets me for the strong smell of Tiger Balm, it has been applied extremely liberally. Hopefully the shower will remove most before I get in the pool tomorrow.

Today I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who died on December 10. Remarkably, there are just four, the lowest of any day so far. They are:

1864 – Police Constable John Ward – Dublin Metropolitan Police

1865 – Police Constable Hugh McDougall – Greenock Burgh Police

1985 – Acting Detective Sergeant Patrick Burns – Grampian Police

1985 – Detective Constable David Ellis – Grampian Police

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