Day 40 – a meaty milestone

40the feast

A milestone was reached today and a cause for celebration.

After 40 days of completing Olympic-distance triathlons it is back to our favourite Turkish restaurant – Village Mangal in Amersham – and replenishing the carbs and generous portion of protein (apologies to any non-meat eaters).

It was a good day, the fastest 25 miles on the bike so far (1 hour 8 minutes) followed by the fastest 10k run so far (48 minutes). The 1,520 metre swim was on a par with usual times (29 minutes).

All despite a very sore throat so hopefully the times are a sign that it is just a minor issue that won’t have much impact.

I had good company for the last 5k on the bike and a couple of toots from passing car drivers while on the run.

While it has been a very good day for achieving my goal, it was also a day for remembering police officers and staff who have died protecting the public. On December 9, the following made the ultimate sacrifice:

1857 – Sub-Constable John Glavin – Irish Constabulary

1858 – Police Constable Matthew Sharp – Lancashire County Constabulary

1865 – Police Constable Enoch Hooper – Staffordshire County Constabulary

1877 – Police Constable William Peet – West Riding of Yorkshire Constabulary

1881 – Inspector John Pearman – Metropolitan Police

1892 – Police Constable Ernest Ellis – Metropolitan Police

1895 – Police Constable Robert Murray – Glasgow City Police

1908 – Police Constable Joseph Williamson – Metropolitan Police

1940 – War Reserve Constable Harold Lambert – Metropolitan Police

1941 – Police Constable William Hasson – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1964 – Police Constable Brian Darnell – Oxfordshire County Constabulary

1961 – Sergeant Rex Robinson – Doncaster County Borough Police

1970 – Police Constable Geoffrey Allsopp – South Wales Constabulary

2013 – Detective Constable Adrian Grew – Kent Police

We are indebted to them and will build a fitting tribute at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, where relatives, friends and colleagues can go to peacefully reflect and where events can take place to commemorate the sacrifices of over 4,000 police officers and staff.

With your help we can get this memorial built. Please support me and donate here. Thank you.

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