Day 77 – surviving the lack of sleep

After a busy day, I left the warm welcome of Manchester on Monday very late but happy with the significant media coverage and headed back home. It was another bedtime gone midnight and a successive day of just over three hours sleep before getting up on Tuesday to start another triathlon.

It was good to be back at the Aylesbury gym and its very warm pool. After a straightforward swim it was on to the bike and my stomach was not in the greatest shape. Over the previous two days I had spent 14 hours in the car and eaten most meals in the driver’s seat, which is not conducive to a good digestive system.

After struggling through it was on to the road for the 10km run, for which I seemed to have plenty of energy, despite the lack of sleep. Another triathlon done and on to work for a full-on press day, which those of you who have followed these updates know can be very taxing and impact the next day’s efforts.

Injuries and illnesses have subsided but I keep reminding myself that I struggled to complete two days of successive triathlons last year so there is still no guarantee I will be able to complete the 23 remaining – it is too easy to think about the completing the challenge now.

On this day I paid tribute to the officers and staff who died while serving their communities on January 15. They are:

1897 – County Inspector William Lennon – Royal Irish Constabulary

1930 – Sergeant Henry Wren – Port of London Authority Police

1931 – Police Constable Thomas Edgeley – Preston County Borough Police

1941 – Police Constable Harry Smith – London Midland & Scottish Railway Police

1960 – Sergeant George Bickerton – Buckinghamshire County Constabulary

1986 – Police Constable John Barton – Norfolk Constabulary

1986 – Police Constable Thomas Dent – Durham Constabulary

1989 – Reserve Constable (Retd) Harold Keys – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

2007 – Police Constable Stacey Pyke – Lincolnshire Police

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