Day 74 – off the leash, almost

It is Saturday and relief to have a slight lay-in (6am), and that I got the time right after getting up and eating breakfast yesterday at half past midnight. Off to the pool to begin triathlon number 74 and one away from reaching the three quarter mark. This is quite a euphoric feeling and a real impetus to my efforts.

My cold and acid problems have almost gone. And once in the water a be-finned young lady was swimming at exactly the same speed as me and pushed me to one of the fastest times I have done throughout the challenge.

On to the bike and I felt very good. I was joined by Tom for 20km of the ride which helped keep momentum going. One of the fastest cycle rides so far too and for the first time in a couple of weeks I felt invigorated – it was hard holding back.

However, I then realised I wasn’t completely over the colds as I felt the extra effort I had made when it came to the run.

After a pretty average time for the 10km, it was great to just be one away from the next major milestone, I just hope I do not pay for it over the next two days as I take the challenge to Essex and Manchester.

Today I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who lost their lives while protecting the public on January 12. They are:

1842 – Police Constable John Dickson – Great Western Railway Police

1856 – Police Constable John Carver – Great Western Railway Police

1898 – Police Constable Alfred Marsh – Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Police

1929 – Inspector Arthur Tullett – Metropolitan Police

1941 – Police Constable Leonard Adamson – Metropolitan Police

1941 – Police Constable William Murdoch – War Department Constabulary

1942 – Special Constable David Thomson – Fifeshire Constabulary

1942 – Sergeant Bernard Caulton – Nottinghamshire County Constabulary

1972 – Reserve Constable Raymond Denham – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1980 – Reserve Constable William Purse – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

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