Day 68 and 69 – motivation multiplication

After an emotional trip to North Yorkshire to pay tribute to PC Andy Bramma on Saturday, it was always going to be a reflective and straightforward effort back in Aylesbury on Sunday.

After my meeting relatives en route back from God’s own county it was a very late night to bed, any attempt to start early would have been difficult. And astonishing accusations made by the Daily Mail meant early morning news writing added to the delay in getting to the pool. So the rest of Sunday was dominated by the triathlon.

Having spent a chunk of Saturday with PC Bramma’s family and friends, I was constantly thinking of the huge and lasting impact of his death on so many people.

And, as I started another triathlon, I knew I would be paying tribute to many more officers today, and that their loss is multiplied many times – my motivation to complete the 100 triathlons in 100 days has become even stronger.

Despite my cold continuing, it has diminished to leave me with a very dull head feeling, the times for each element of this day’s triathlon were back to normal (29 minute swim, 1 hour 12 bike ride and 48 minute run).

On Sunday, I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who died on January 6. They are:

1867 – Police Constable Dennis Clark – Metropolitan Police

1873 – Sub-Inspector Richard Pickering – River Tyne Police

1893 – Police Fireman John Beer – Liverpool Police Fire Brigade

1893 – Police Fireman Charles Watts – Liverpool Police Fire Brigade

1905 – Police Constable Lewis Booth – Lancashire County Constabulary

1907 – Police Constable Frederick Mellars – Metropolitan Police

1941 – Special Constable Bertie Marzetti – Metropolitan Police

1977 – Police Constable John Cameron – Greater Manchester Police

1977 – Chief Superintendent Hubert Ward – Northamptonshire Police

1983 – Sergeant Eric Brown – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1983 – Reserve Constable Bernard Quinn – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1991 – Police Constable Robert Gladwell – Metropolitan Police

2012 – Detective Constable Karen Paterson – Cambridgeshire Constabulary

2012 – Detective Constable Andrew Stokes – Greater Manchester Police

By Monday morning the weekend had taken its toll and, despite other people planning to accompany me, I woke over two hours after the alarm was due to sound, and I have no recollection of it ringing. Fortunately, the person who had planned to meet me for the swim and part of the bike had already texted to say he wasn’t able to make it and Jonathan was able to delay his arrival to join me for the run.

The swim was fine although having to use the slow lane caused a very brief delay. The cycle seemed to take forever which made me push a little faster. And then we started the run a little quicker than normal but I eventually felt comfortable and would have gone a little faster on the second half than we actually did. Even so, a 29 minute 1,500m swim and a 1 hour 10 minute 40km bike ride was followed by a 49 minute 10km run.

Today I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who died on January 7. They are:

1831 – Police Constable Michael Pratt – Metropolitan Police

1844 – Police Fireman Robert Pritchard – Liverpool Police Fire Brigade

1864 – Police Constable Alfred Rodway – Newport Harbour Police

1912 – Police Constable John Tough – Paisley Burgh Police

1921 – District Inspector Thomas McGrath MM – Royal Irish Constabulary

1921 – Police Constable Francis Shortall – Royal Irish Constabulary

1938 – Police Constable John Pike – London Midland & Scottish Railway Police

1941 – Police Constable Sydney Coveney – Metropolitan Police

1948 – Police Constable Alexander Napier – Liverpool City Police

1951 – Reserve Constable John Poucher – Lancashire County Constabulary

1977 – Police Constable Terence Moncaster – Lincolnshire Police

1987 – Police Constable Michael Evans – North Wales Police

1989 – Detective Sergeant Neil Gibson – Cheshire Constabulary

2013 – Police Constable Bruce Stevenson – Derbyshire Constabulary

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