Day 62 – Cake cures

Well it is New Year’s Eve and a fabulous feeling to have reached this far. However, while the legs are doing fine, throat is now the cause of concern. A constant cough from the moment I went to bed kept me awake until 1.30am. A lemon and ginger tea, a dollop of honey and a slice of Christmas cake worked wonders, I managed to sleep for a few hours and I will suggest pastries be given on prescription.

Into the pool and the feeling of being drained of energy was overwhelming. A woman wearing flippers kept trying to keep pace with me, which drove me on, my competitiveness getting the better of me.

Then it was onto the bike and I was thankfully joined by Tom again who kept my mind from the slog. A decent ride done and onto the roads where we set off at a slower than usual pace. A dizziness hit me every two kilometres or so and I eased off the pace. The stomach, which often becomes delicate when I get a cold, was reminding me not to run too quick. It wasn’t until the last kilometre that I was able to stretch the legs and enjoy a fast pace back to the gym.

Just 38 triathlons to do in 2019 but first a long sleep so I can enjoy seeing in the New Year.

I am doing this challenge of completing 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 consecutive days to raise money to build a fitting memorial to fallen police officers and staff. We really hope to build a structure that marks the ultimate sacrifice made by over 4,000 men and women who died while keeping the rest of us safe.

Please support my efforts in getting this fitting tribute built at the National Memorial Arboretum by donating here.

Today I remembered those who died on New Year’s Eve:

1872 – Police Constable William Perry – Cardiff Borough Police

1876 – Police Constable Edwin Olive – East Sussex County Constabulary

1905 – Police Constable Robert Caughey – Glasgow City Police

1919 – Police Constable Maurice Keough – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable Ernest Dray – Royal Irish Constabulary

1930 – Police Fireman Alfred Waterhouse – Leeds Police Fire Brigade

1989 – Reserve Constable Joseph Johnston – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

2004 – Police Constable Valroy Hodgson – West Midlands Police

2 thoughts on “Day 62 – Cake cures

  1. Incredible effort of self sacrifice to raise funds for a fabulous cause
    Cumbria Police Federation and all it’s members are behind you urging you on stroke by stroke pedal by pedal and step by step very well done and good luck 💪😎👍🏼


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