Day 55 – time pressures

Sorry for the delay in posting updates, Christmas got in the way.

Day 55 was Christmas Eve and lots of pressure to get last minute shopping, pack and set off for a stay with relatives. Starting my triathlon by going over-distance by 200m on the swim was not ideal. The cycle was a pretty standard 1 hour 12 minutes although still lots of caution and one leg working harder than the other as I hope the left calf recovers.

The run was a little slow as the muscles continued to cause concern. However, another triathlon is complete and I am looking forward to how I can manage to combine Christmas festivities with very early triathlons.

Today I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who tragically died on duty on Christmas Eve. They are:

1769 – Watchman John Bigby – Westminster Bridge Watch, London

1889 – Inspector James Anderson – Tynemouth Borough Police

1894 – Police Constable Thomas Wilcox – Surrey Commercial Dock Police

1907 – Police Constable Harold Foster – North Eastern Railway Police

1914 – Police Constable John Severn – Port of London Authority Police

1914 – Police Constable William Ware – Port of London Authority Police

1915 – Special Constable Edwin Cutts – Nottinghamshire County Constabulary

1940 – Police Constable Edward Bewsher – Manchester City Police

1940 – Special Constable Harry Davies – Lancashire County Constabulary

1940 – Inspector John Salthouse – Salford City Police

1941 – Sergeant William Coates – Grand Union Canal Police

1943 – Police Constable John Godfrey – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1957 – Chief Inspector Thomas Walker – Lancashire County Constabulary

1970 – Detective Sergeant Brian Hill – Manchester & Salford Police

1979 – Police Constable John Pacey – West Midlands Police

1983 – Inspector Stephen Dodd – Metropolitan Police

1992 – Police Constable Martin Baker – Lancashire Constabulary

For their families, friends and colleagues, I really hope we can build the memorial very soon.

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