Day 49 – positive times

Christmas is normally low-key in the Lander household. In fact, we normally go away and enjoy some winter sun, it is the only time of the year I take time off from work as the publication I produce takes a two-week break.

However, Mrs L did not fancy a holiday of triathlons so it is a traditional Christmas once more. And the spirit of the occasion is beginning to take hold. We are very excited about spending Christmas with aunts, although it will be a unique arrangement with doing a triathlon each day. More about this in the next few days.

Despite what is going on with the country supposedly divided over Brexit and financial worries all around, there are lots of people who are clearly enjoying the time of year.

From the personal trainers at the gym, constantly sporting elf costumes and fancy hats, to the business centre manager organising weekly celebrations, I am very appreciative of the positivity that this time of year brings.

Today, I completed my 49th Olympic-distance triathlon in 49 days and once again the swim was enjoyable but the cycle was tedious. And then the run was the best for a long while, made so by Tom’s company.

Tom is a triathlete who has been following my challenge and offered to join me over Christmas. It is so nice to know that what I am doing is inspiring others but, as he is about to become a father for the second time in January, it was also great to run and chat about the joys of parenthood – the greatest achievement in life.

It is clear that when the time is right Tom will one day complete his own physical challenge, but it was so nice to have his support for mine right now.

We ran a 49 minute 10km, and it felt relatively comfortable although the last 2km my left calf tightened terribly and I had to slow to ensure I make it to number 50. Just one to go and I will be half way to my eventual goal of 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days.

This challenge is being done to raise money to build a memorial to all the police officers and staff who have died serving their communities. And while we enjoy the festive period, it must be a very difficult time of year for those who have lost a father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, close friend or colleague.

I will do my utmost to use the positivity to complete my challenge and play my part in seeing a fitting tribute to them built in 2019.

Today I remembered the following officers and staff who died on duty on December 18:

1767 – Watchman William Ridley – Blackfriars Ward, City of London

1869 – Sergeant Thomas Howard – Bute Dock Police

1893 – Detective Officer Alexander McMahon – Glasgow City Police

1910 – Police Constable Hugh Savage – Glasgow City Police

1916 – Police Constable Robert Biddlecombe – Dorset County Constabulary

1917 – Special Constable Henry King – Metropolitan Police

1925 – Police Constable John Lloyd – Metropolitan Police

1942 – War Reserve Constable Harold Stone – Brighton County Borough Police

1950 – Inspector Robert Allen – Nottinghamshire County Constabulary

1951 – Sergeant Robert Lindsay – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1972 – Police Authority Member William Johnston – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1974 – Detective Inspector James McKendrick – Lancashire Constabulary

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