Day 46 – adding a discipline

It was very difficult to get going today after a late night on Friday. Eventually, I made it to the pool to begin the latest triathlon. But the pressure was on as I had to be in the town centre by 2pm to fulfil my duty and relieve Frank, as the Rotary Club’s Father Christmas.

After a standard swim, it was a fast transition to the bike and a reasonably fast 40km done. Then out on the run and into the cold and wet. And with every step the downpour intensified. After a 50 minute 10km, I was very cold.

On returning to the gym, I was advised to do plenty of stretching or to go into the sauna to relax the muscles but I had no time for recovery. It was a quick shower and a dash to what seemed a fourth element to my triathlon – a run through the town centre, another quick change and without time to properly recover, I had two exhausting hours of ho-ho-ho-ing.

Having learnt from last year, when parents advised me to eat more mince pies and Christmas pudding to be a realistic Santa, I made up for the even thinner appearance this year by having three thick jumpers and cushions, plus the robes and wig etc, to fill me out and keep me warm. And while my helpers were moaning about the cold, I was merely damp and tired.

After completing my duty and packing away the equipment, I was asked if I wanted to do some Christmas shopping or go home. Needless to say I was snoring on the sofa in less than half an hour.

Just 54 triathlons to go to reach 100 in 100 consecutive days. I will even be completing a triathlon on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This is to raise money to build a memorial to fallen police officers and staff at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

We need donations now more than ever if we are to see it built in 2019. Today I paid tribute to those who died on December 15, they are:

1868 – Sub-Constable Thaddeus O’Loghlen – Royal Irish Constabulary

1892 – Sergeant David Garner – Metropolitan Police

1902 – Acting Sergeant Patrick Gaffney – Royal Irish Constabulary

1751 – Watchman Daniel Cutting – Parish of Bethnal Green, Middlesex

1938 – Sergeant William Curry – Glasgow City Police

1942 – Special Constable John Ratcliffe – Bristol City Police

1972 – Police Constable George Chambers – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1976 – Police Constable Norman Campbell – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1982 – Police Constable Douglas Dickson – Metropolitan Police

1989 – Reserve Constable John Quinn – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1990 – Sergeant Graham Melhuish – Metropolitan Police

Please donate here, thank you.

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