Day 44 – cold reminders

Today was an ice-scraping day and even though I was late getting into the pool to begin another triathlon, the whole gym was pretty much empty. Perhaps I have chosen the best time of year to do my challenge after all.

I had the whole pool to myself which is great for mindfulness and concentrating on technique. It was a pity to have to get out. The cycle was again on a Wattbike and a pretty standard time achieved. I was slightly worried as I had no nutrition with me today so my early morning porridge would have to sustain me through all three elements.

And out onto the slippery roads I went for the run. Even though the sun was bright and the wind pretty mild, it was bitterly cold. Note to self, remember a running hat tomorrow.

Times are getting back to normal after very painful calf muscles a couple of days ago but the niggle has moved down slightly to my achilles. More patience and care needed to be sure that doesn’t turn into an injury.

Another one done and I am getting ever so close to the half way mark. I am pretty pleased with myself so far but must not look too far ahead. Number 45 tomorrow, this is the milestone to focus on and then the next five.

Today I paid tribute to the police officers and staff who died on December 13. They are:

1904 – Police Constable James Macey – Metropolitan Police

1920 – Police Constable Frederick Taylor – Royal Irish Constabulary

1921 – Sergeant John Maher – Royal Irish Constabulary

1940 – Inspector Henry Lane – Metropolitan Police

1940 – War Reserve Constable Frank Munks – Sheffield City Police

1958 – Detective Inspector James O’Donnell – QPM, MM – Blackburn County Borough Police

1966 – Chief Inspector Thomas Woods – Lancashire County Constabulary

1972 – Police Constable James Nixon – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1978 – Police Constable Joseph Childs – Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

1978 – Police Constable Martin Reid – Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

1991 – Detective Constable James Morrison QGM – Metropolitan Police

1995 – Police Constable George Hammond QPM – Metropolitan Police

2003 – Police Constable Thomas Jackson – South Yorkshire Police

Please support me in paying tribute to all of the more than 4,000 police officers and staff who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and help build the memorial in Staffordshire.

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