Day 18 – sharp reminders

On my 18th consecutive day of completing an Olympic-distance (I still can’t believe I am writing such words)  I managed a brief lie-in (6am) as it was once again the weekend, and a beautiful weekend at that.

However, I was too relaxed and forgot a vital piece of kit. Anyone who has ever done a triathlon will know the amount of stuff you have to carry and have ready for the two transitions is quite daunting. Inevitably a 20-plus item check list is essential each time to be sure you have not forgotten anything.

That is not something I have used, and I have relied on my experience to get me through. So, for the first time, I forgot my cycling tights. As I was warned before attempting this challenge, I will need an arse of iron, as riding a bike with a razor-like saddle every day takes its toll.

Fortunately, I did have a pair of shorts and the bike ride had to be on the gym’s Wattbike, rather than being able to take to the road as intended.

This time there was added incentive to get it over with quickly and I did one of the fastest 40km rides of the challenge.

The run was again completed in sub-50 minute so all continuing to go well. However, I have had a sharp reminder to use the checklist.

It is still very early in my challenge but the days are passing faster than expected. I still only think of the number achieved and refuse to contemplate the amount left but am looking forward to the milestone that is two away.

I am attempting to complete 100 Olympic-distance triathlons in 100 days to build a fitting tribute to fallen police officers and staff at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

Today, as every day, I paid tribute to those that died in years gone by. On November 17, they were:

1940 – Special Constable John Barley-White – Kent County Constabulary
1972 – Reserve Constable Joseph Calvin – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC
1906 – Police Constable Reuben Dickinson – Coventry City Police
1920 – Sergeant James Donoghue – Royal Irish Constabulary
1964 – Special Constable John Greene – Ulster Special Constabulary
1981 – Reserve Constable Silas Lyttle – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC
1940 – Special Constable Ernest Renyard – Hampshire County Constabulary
1933 – Police Constable Walter Seamark – Hampshire County Constabulary
1940 – Detective Constable Frederick Slater – Wiltshire Constabulary
1940 – War Reserve Constable Frederick Strong – Coventry City Police

I am so grateful for the support already given but if anyone reading this can assist by donating a small amount, whatever they can, I can assure you it makes a huge difference. Please go to

Thank you.

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