Day 5 – an altercation with a lamp post and domestic bliss

Number 5 Olympic triathlon out of 100 done and, as I promised myself for every fifth triathlon, I will afford myself a mini celebration. However, it wasn’t without incident (see below).

As on each and every day, I am paying tribute to those officers who have died on duty. On November 5, the following made the ultimate sacrifice:

1858 – Police Constable John Scudamore – Bute Dock Police

1875 – Sergeant George Green – Salford Borough Police

1895 – Police Fireman William Dryden – Sunderland County Borough Police

1895 – Sergeant John Hasker – River Wear Watch

1908 – Police Constable James Black – Dundee City Police

1920 – Sergeant Samuel Lucas – Royal Irish Constabulary

1920 – Police Constable Albert Rundle – Royal Irish Constabulary

1950 – Police Constable Samuel Lock – Metropolitan Police

1951 – Police Constable Hubert Pay – Kent County Constabulary

1983 – Sergeant Stephen Fyfe – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1983 – Inspector John Martin – Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

1984 – Reserve Constable Samuel Fletcher Royal Ulster Constabulary, GC

The triathlon went well but after 8km into the run, concentration went and I ran too close to a lamppost, striking it with my shoulder. The air was blue. Aside of the searing pain, the overwhelming feeling was fear that my shoulder would be damaged and prevent me from swimming.

I have a bruise but it doesn’t seem too serious, we will have to see how it feels when I try to swim another mile.

More worrying is a sharp pain in my knee, felt as I got home and immediately started painting the living room. After completing five triathlons on consecutive days, I get an injury while painting walls!

Domestic bliss and triathlon challenges are not best friends so this appears the price I pay for keeping home life sweet. Ice applied and recovery achieved. My mini celebration was to indulge in a mega-pizza and a beer.

We will see how injuries are when I go again but, for now, cheers!


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